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Our number one priority is your safety.

Our experts offer honest and impartial advice on the tyre condition, tyre pressure and tread depth of your tyres and help you select the right tyres for your vehicle.

If you’re looking for tyres to suit your driving style, whether short distance drives or long distance travel for your vehicle we offer a great range of summer, winter and all season tyres to suit any budget.

We supply a great range of premium, mid-range and budget tyres from the likes of Michelin, Pirelli and Continental, all at great prices We also supply tyres for caravans and motor-homes too.

Which ever your vehicle, our experts are here to offer a helping hand and provide free impartial advise to assist you in selecting the best tyres for your vehicle. When they are the only thing between your vehicle and the road, ensuring their condition is well maintained is vital to your vehicle’s efficiency and your safety.

Increased wear can lead to reduced grip and handling as well as having a serious impact your vehicle’s stopping distance. By regularly checking your tyres, our experts will ensure that your vehicle is road-safe and legal, ensuring that you avoid any unnecessary points and fines.

We are also able to assist with:

Puncture repairs where possible
All new tyres fitted include new valve and balancing
We stock tyres and tubes for wheel barrows, mowers and implements

We only ever recommend you change them when it is absolutely necessary. So, if you’ve still got some miles on them, we’ll tell you exactly that.


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